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Greg Russell



Project Manager

Greg Russell brings rich construction and documentation experience to his work as a KGRW project manager. Hands-on building experience gained early in his career, especially in the multi-million dollar custom home market, brings him a clear-eyed view of all that’s required to bring architectural vision to life in real-world construction.

He entered the world of architectural design as a draftsman in 2001. Mr. Russell has since gained nuts-and-bolts expertise in construction documentation for a variety of project types, including large, mid-rise, mixed-use and multifamily buildings of the type KGRW designs for such clients as Summit Vista in Salt Lake City, UT. He is also experienced in construction documentation for single family homes, townhouses and tenant build-out. He joined KGRW in 2016.

Mr. Russell’s goal is always to unite the intent of the architectural design team with the practical needs of construction contractors. The result is final construction documents that are clear, comprehensive and thoroughly detailed. He is a strong advocate for 3D computer-aided modeling programs that bring clarity and insight to both the design and construction processes.

In addition to developing meticulous construction documentation and leading the process through the permitting phase, Mr. Russell is deeply involved in construction administration for KGRW projects. His on-site work reinforces the connection between field and office, and contributes to the firm’s ever-increasing knowledge-base of technical construction issues.