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Stephen Parsons



Project Manager

Steve Parsons is a registered architect with a passion for collaborative practice that integrates design vision, context and function. Over a 30-year career in New York, Connecticut and Maryland, he has steered architectural design efforts for a wide array of projects, from senior housing, schools and mixed-use development to libraries, churches, public safety facilities and medical clinics.

A hands-on innovator, Mr. Parsons was an early adapter of Revit software, an invaluable tool for integrated design and construction documentation. He has a particular talent for understanding and translating client imperatives into the Revit construct. From the earliest phases of each architectural or planning project, he uses the platform to help define building sites, gather program criteria and visualize concepts in a comprehensive building information model.

He then refines the model in increasing detail to resolve architectural challenges, integrate various engineering disciplines and clearly explain complex information in all construction documents. He is a mentor for others learning to use this sophisticated software, both in the office and classroom.

Mr. Parsons, a graduate of Cornell University, has worked as an advocate for sustainable development and conservation throughout his career. In Connecticut, as a board member of that state’s Forest and Park Association, he helped further the organization’s policies toward smart growth and engagement in urban issues. He also served on local boards and work groups for urban redevelopment, affordable housing and historic preservation.

A Maryland resident since 2008, Mr. Parsons regularly contributes time and talent to address a broad range of development and conservation issues for Baltimore neighborhoods.